Winter Essentials/My Wishlist

All Items are from ASOS- Asos Edition 
Here in Sydney, the weather is starting to cool and now I totally agree with Sydney's famous label for "warm winters", because today was blazing. Sydney's weather is bipolar, its cold and raining in the morning and then 20 minutes later it is 30 Degree Celsius, stuffing up my wardrobe pattern.
Well anyways, weather ain't gone stop me from achieving this collection in which I highly think is absolutely essential for winter. 

Coats, coats, coats, and more coats is the answer to all people like me, who won't stop complaining about how cold it is. These midi coats are SO AH! I'm absolutely in love with how sleek they fit on people and how it makes all outfit go from nothing to something! Pairing these coats with some cute as classy leather boots or black/grey new balance shoes will just take your whole look to another level! Also, I forgot to add, It s absolutely essential/expected that everyone has at least one leather jacket. It's just a general rule, you need one #1. 

Lately I've been completely drooling over midi kimono coats and kimono tops. I love how it just brings out the uniqueness and individuality of people and how it just looks so yum! Ah I'm like legit jumping up and down with love, I'm getting all hyped just thinking of these items in physical form where I can physically touch, smell, and taste it and just roll on them (hahah sorry, clothes gets me on a high).
Ohk it's 3am and I think I should go to sleep. This is what happens when exams are over and you're used to sleeping in the afternoon after school and then waking up at 12am to study. 
x Francesca :)