Summer Loving

Asos Basic T-shirt |  Cheap Monday Canvas Bag |  Nike Socks  | Spurr Basic Sandals  | Beverly Hills Polo Club Denim Men's Shirt  | Basic Black Shorts 
I wanted to wear an outfit that was 100% casually comfortable but an outfit that had a slight unique twist, for a Yum Cha birthday celebration at Zilver restaurant and then chilling at my friend's tropical island (like seriously it was like Vanuatu but in Sydney). After 30 mins of serious complaining and mix/matching of my wardrobe, I luckily managed to create an attire that was agreeable. 

Before I choose my outfit, I always think about what colours I'm going to wear that would complement each other and give it that fresh clean look, and that's when I came up with white, black and denim blue. The denim shirt (my dad's shirt) is wrapped around my waist because I needed something to fill up the plain look of just a white T-shirt and black shorts. 
Now, don't judge me (my dad already has and most of my people), but I don't know why, but I really felt it necessary to wear socks with sandals. I really still do like how it goes with the outfit and like I said, it kinds of adds a bit of uniqueness in this........ OR it is probably my kiwi side embracing out! 
Let me know what you think! 

Anyway, the love that I have for CANVAS bags is beyond anything in the world and is my absolute fave. It adds so much trendiness to an outfit, and if you feel your look is a bit too much for an event (as in looks too good for an event), or your outfit is a bit plain, slope on that canvas bag, and you know what it is! Like seriously, it goes with everything and makes everything look good! 100% guaranteed. If I could I would have my house filled with it! But I only have 2, I should invest in more... But whateves, I'm already getting excited behind this keyboard at the thought of it haha! 
x Francesca 


  1. Love this! I wish it was summer here already :(

  2. Hahah! Naww in the UK is it Spring now? We're heading now to autumn :( and its starting to get colder!