Starting From The Bottom

 *Items bought from China
H&M  Basic Sweater |  Glue Canvas bag (gifted to me) | Nike  Free Runs | Skirt * | Watch (market find) *
Starting from the old ootd's 

Getting ready is always the biggest challenges that I face everyday but I eventually came up with this outfit in which I'm quite proud of, hence is why this is the first outfit I consider worthy to be posted on my blog. 

Basic's are a MUST and monochrome colours is my #1 go to clothes colours. Monochrome colours screams out "classy" and "I suit everything". Despite the fact that only monochrome colours suit the tone of my skin, yet it is also a safe colour palette that does not discriminate and does not overdo/under-do (is that a word??) you! Pairing this cream textured high waisted skirt with these Nike free runs adds a bit of a twist and a new insight in ways to wear out a casual yet chic look. 

This basic H&M sweater in which I originally bought from China is amazing. The cotton is so soft and so yum that it never makes you think of taking it off. So essentially I wore this sweater ultimately for comfort, but it coincidentally worked well with this look. which is cute. 

Hair half up in a bun and half down is beginning to commonly take its place in the trend world in which I happen to appreciate. 
x Francesca 


  1. loving this outfit you are so gorgeous